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WMF Fresh Filtered Coffee


The innovative „Fresh Filtered Coffee“ technology designed for our automatic speciality machine makes it possible to produce both coffee specialities and fresh filtered coffee using a single machine.

Thus, it is no longer necessary to invest in a filter coffee machine in addition to a bean to cup machine, to be able to serve not only coffee specialties but also freshly filtered coffee. This means both space and money savings, with half as much maintenance and cleaning.

Fresh, delicious and at the perfect temperature

For each cup, the machine starts by freshly grinding and brewing a café crème or espresso. The beverage makes its way through the newly developed filter capsule by diffusing through the membrane in the filter element. This process ensures that any unwanted sediment and oils are removed. The coffee then flows back to the machine spout and into the cup.
The monitoring of the correct position and functionality of the filter system is sensor-controlled. Furthermore, a steam valve ensures that each beverage is produced to the highest standards of quality, with a taste, volume and temperature that are consistent every time.

The filter capsule is designed to deliver approximately 100 cups of fresh filtered coffee every day or to last up to three days. Every single step is explained clearly on the machine display, from the easy process of positioning and removing the capsule on the top cover through to daily cleaning requirements.

Seamless integration into existing concepts

WMF Fresh Filtered Coffee (FFC) can be supplemented by optional milk systems, such as WMF Dynamic Milk. Hot and cold milk and milk foam additives can be individually adjusted as needed and freshly filtered coffee can be professionally produced and served with milk, just like the coffee specialties.

Even in existing cleaning systems, the FFC technology integrates seamlessly, so that no additional cleaning procedures need to be established or existing processes need to be changed.

Fresh Filtered Coffee is available for the WMF 1500 S+ and the WMF 5000 S+.

Download the FFC brochure here (PDF169.79 KB)