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Coffee machines service

Coffee machines service


At WMF, it is not as simple as machines rolling off the production line, being sold and forgotten. Coffee machines need to be installed at its operation side. To enable this, we at WMF uphold a personalized service.
What started 1954 with the first service technician has become an organization which employees over 300 persons. Now, WMF has the largest company-owned service organization for commercial coffee machines in Europe

For, as simple as WMF machines are to operate, the high-tech workings behind them are complex. That’s why WMF service starts right at coffee machine maintenance level.

For this reason, your service technician checks your machine thoroughly and systematically, cleaning and descaling it when required.

After all, only a well-maintained machine can guarantee consistently superb coffee specialties and quality.

And ultimately that’s all we want: indulgence that is a real experience.

For this reason, your service technician is also there for you when adjusting your coffee-making product and inducting service staff, or even to provide tips on quality coffee. Our service is always technologically state-of-the-art. WMF builds and invents high-tech machines, and our service guarantee offerst them “special treatment” throughout their coffee-machine-lives. Service is tradition at WMF: service that is entirely geared to our customers. And part of that means speaking your language. In every respect.