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Traditionally, coffee beans have been separated into two distinct varieties. Arabica, which is generally thought to be the superior tasting bean, and Robusta, which is slightly more bitter tasting, but much more resilient (hence robust-a). As with any modern commercial crop however, things these days aren’t quite so simple. Coffee producers across the world have been experimenting with cross-breeding different coffee varieties to try to create coffee beans that taste incredible, and are also hardy enough to survive in difficult conditions.

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At the Internorga trade show in Hamburg (Germany), the WMF CoffeeConnect digital solution recently won the “Future Award 2019” in the Technology & Equipment category. The panel of experts praised the solution for enabling small, medium and large enterprises to optimise their processes and thus increase both efficiency and profitability.

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In a world of rapid technological change, it is no surprise that the coffee industry is also targeting digital solutions. At the forefront is heavyweight WMF.

By the time WMF started manufacturing commercial coffee machines in 1927, the company was already three-quarters of a century old. Turning out coffee machines was no great leap, says Martin Grupp, WMF’s Vice-President Projects Global Business Unit PCM, and a mechanical engineer by training: the company had long been making household metalware such as pressure cookers and cutlery.

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